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Google Science Fair For Teenagers

If you are a teenager in between the age of  13-18 and looking for a competition online so you can compete with students all around the globe then there a great opportunity for you offered by Google. Google recently announced its all new competition known as Google Science Fair for students in between the age […]

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Speak Languages That You Do Not Even Know With Google Translate

Many of us are familiar with a new feature of Google named “Google Translate” that help you translate to many of foreign languages from your native language or vice-versa. Google also give us a feature in “Translate” that speaks the text written or translated there. So, many of us surely think that its a cool […]

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Windows Live Hotmail Introduces Active View Platform

Hotmail recently introduced an Active View Platform that lets users work with dynamic emails . With dynamic emails you can work with them right from your inbox instead of clicking on any link to go to the sender’s website. This video demonstrates interactive email from Orbitz and on the Active View platform.  Netflix and […]

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How to Get Invisbile or Hide Your Online Status on Facebook Chat

Yes I know its really very frustrating in Facebook chat that you do not get Invisible feature like other chat clients have, so whenever someone comes online with whom you do not want to chat then the only option left is to go offline which results into that you can’t chat with whom you want […]

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Posting Blank Scraps in Orkut

Here is the trick to send blank scraps: Place the cursor in the Text Field Delete Everything in the text field if it is not blank. Now, HOLD (Keep pressed) ALT key and press 0 1 7 3 (Press the numbers one after the another without spaces. Do not keep them pressed) on the NUMBER […]

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