How to Get Invisbile or Hide Your Online Status on Facebook Chat

Yes I know its really very frustrating in Facebook chat that you do not get Invisible feature like other chat clients have, so whenever someone comes online with whom you do not want to chat then the only option left is to go offline which results into that you can’t chat with whom you want to do. But here is a nice trick to overcome this problem that will act like an invisible feature right in your chat window.

At the lower right corner in the Facebook website click on chat

Which opens the list of your friends that are online. At the top of this chat box you can find two options namely “Friend Lists” and “Options”. Now click on “Friend Lists” and write a name of list according to the category of people you want to categorize into that list. Like see the image below:

Just type in the name of the label and press enter. After that newly created list will start appearing in your text box, now you can simply drag and drop your online friends onto that list or if they are offline and you want to categorize them into that list then you can move the cursor over that list name and press edit to choose or remove the friends from that list.

Moreover you can also choose which lists to be get displayed in the chat box, right from the “Friends List” option and un-checking  the ones you do not want to be displayed in the chat box.

Now, you must be thinking how can I hide myself from my friends by creating a friends list, or how can I be invisible in Facebook. Well Facebook offers something more than just being invisible. Facebook offers you to get offline to a selected group of friends and remain visible to all others or vice versa.

It is possible with this friends list method. Once you have created a friend list you must be noticing a half green colored capsule in front on that list name. Yeah, this capsule is the key to being online or offline for that list or to be exact for the friends in that list.

Whenever you click on this capsule you switch between online and offline status for that group or that list, whenever it is turned half grey it means you are now appearing offline to all friends inside that group. As you can see in the picture on the left side that two list have grey colored capsule and all others have green colored capsule, it means friends inside grey colored capsule lists can not see me even if I am online for others.


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