Crony Instant Messenger’s First Pre-Alpha Build Released

After working on this topic and project (CronyIM) from last November, I just now released a Pre-Alpha build to let people peek out what I was working on. I know it took really long for this to happen and but it was really hard to come up with it early as I was not a good programmer and developer. In many ways I am really grateful to this project and my hard work that I putted up just to fulfill my dream to come with a software like this.

You can find it here :

While working over it from last 7 months I passed through many stages that taught me many new things in java, came across several third party libraries, learned them, implemented them and dived deep inside them like Smack. It is really a beautifully written library for xmpp protocol and believe me, I never felt like I am working with a third-party library. It is just like a part of java’s inbuilt libraries. Although it also lacks few things that are really required to work with modified protocols of facebook and google talk but still it does the job.

This project provided me opportunities to understand how to carry on a big project and exactly how to keep the complexity of your project in your hands. Yeah, it takes time to understand all these things at once to understand but still I just loved working over it.

Its the first pre alpha build and still many things are still left to work on and get them combined and fixed to stand this software. But this feels like just the beginning of starting and launching something good to say your own. I will definitely now keep on updated with new builds and soon enough in like 4-5 months I expect to get up with the first alpha release which will contain lots of feature that people really want in an instant messenger client.

Well, that all. And everyone coming here on my blog and reading this blog, I want you to try this client and help me build it more better by reporting bugs and asking for feature requests and any one interested to work over it in collaboration then let me know.  That is all from Crony’s developer now.

Cheers 🙂

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